Experience:33 years( E-RYT® 500, RCYT®, RPYT®, YACEP®,Masters in Yoga & Sanskrit)

Indian born Yogi Vishnu is the founder of Living Yoga School. He has devoted his life to spread yoga to all over the world. His yogic journey started when he was 12 years old with his decision of leaving his family and shifting to an ashram to pursue the yogic path. Back to those times, at Jharsuguda Muni Samaj Yoga Ashram he meet his first Yoga Master, Narayan Muni Ji. With the support of his Master, he took his first steps into the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. In 1988, he meet his second Yoga Master, Swami Niranjan Ji and through him he learnt the wisdom of the Vedas. That time, he learnt about Jnana Yoga (knowledge) and this learning put some lights on for his path of self realization. Later, he joined Sri Satya Sai Baba’s ashram to learn the spiritual beauty and value of the Karma Yoga (charity work). With his experience here, his life has changed completely. During his stay in the ashram, he learnt that he needs to undergo a hearty surgery. This health problem made him to realize the importance of charity work, giving without expecting anything. In 2001, Vishnu Ji left his home for the last time with the decision of becoming a monk. This decision took him to the holy city Rishikesh. In Rishikesh, he studied and practiced yoga under his Guru Swami Veda’s motherly heart and became a master in Himalayan Yoga Tradition. In 2010, he founded his first yoga school which is World Peace Yoga School. Today, Vishnu Ji as devoting all his life for the sake of humanity and aiming to touch people’s lives through yoga, has a couple of different yoga schools both in Rishikesh, in India and abroad.