Yoga is one therapy that benefits one and all in a similar way. It makes your mind sharper and gives your body the strength it needs to stay positive and healthy. The concept of yoga teacher training is developing fast. More and more people are opting for this training with an aim to open their own yoga institution and help their students overcome stress, anxiety, depression and sadness and give them a healthy and fit body. In addition, the relationship between the student’s body and mind gets a perfect balance. Here, we have listed a few benefits of yoga for students that convince you to either become a student or enroll your kids’ into a yoga program.

5 Benefits of Yoga for Students

1. Yoga Helps Improve the Overall Academic Performance – School life has become stressful these days. It nothing similar to what it used to back in time. Competition has drastically increased and so is the mental pressure on students. Their constant struggle to score higher and better marks from other makes their life miserable and stressful. Yoga has immense stress relieving powers that will help your kid overcome stress and in return boost his/her performance. A 2009 study shows that students who practised yoga for seven continuous weeks registered high academic performance and lower stress level. Meditation, breathing exercises and asanas, help lower stress.  2. Yoga Helps Improve Memory – Yoga is certain to improve the academic performance of your little one as it helps improve memory. Give yoga a shot by enrolling your little one in a 10-day yoga training course and you’ll be amazed to see the results. Meditation, cleansing rituals, breathing exercises and asanas improve spatial memory that increases performance. 3. Yoga Helps Improve Attention Span – Is your kid having a hard time paying attention to what is being taught or things related to day to day life? Yoga is the answer. Brian’s frontal lobe control the power of attention and usually mature later than other functions of the brain. Yoga completely asks attention and has an immense ability to increase the attention span of the yogis. 4. Yoga Helps Improving Brain Power – Students can train their mind better with yoga. The asanas, meditation and breathing techniques help balance the soul, body and brain. So, if you are planning to take up yoga teacher training to pass its advantages to your kid, you’ll be amazed see the improved brain power of your little yogi. In addition, it would also increase your little one’s retention and concentration capacity. All the kinds of asanas and pranayama help a lot in brain improvement. 5. Yoga Takes Away All the Stress – The biggest benefit of yoga for students is that it takes away all the stress and make them free-spirited and cool minded. Practising breathing exercises regularly would help keep them out of worry and tension. The constant struggle of scoring better grades than other in the class injects tension and stress in every students’ life. Yoga helps and helps in a great way.

Chakras are the psycho-spiritual energy centers considered as the vehicle to experience the subtle bodies of human consciousness. These are the major energy centers or energy pools of the Pranamaya Kosha (the energy body) carrying higher qualities of human life. They hold distinct spiritual qualities and values for inner journey and search of ultimate truth of life. What is Chakra? The word chakra means vortex, spinning wheel or circle that implies the movement of energy at the different energy centers or energy pools in circular way. Anatomically, they do not exist in our physical body, but they can be felt correspond to a particular area/part of the physical body without having any pin pointed location. Most important chakras correspond with the positions of the spin and the major nerve ganglia in our physical body. Chakras are pools of energy which balance, store and distribute the energies to different subtle bodies. Normally they are used for healing, relaxation, vitality, transformation and awakening. The Science of Energy and Chakra The entire science of hatha yoga and kriya yoga is based on energy, energy body, energy centres, energy channels/paths, and the latent energy source. Deeper work on energy body and energy centres holds special value in many yogic traditions and paths for exploration of subtle bodies and higher consciousness. Hence the path of yoga and the path of tantra have extensive description on chakras, kundalini and nadis. These yogic traditions have developed many specialised practices based on posture, gesture, movement, lock, breathing, concentration, meditation etc. to open, activate and experience them. Purpose of Chakra Practices The main purpose of these specialised chakra practices is not to acquire any super natural power and boosting our ego but to experience our true nature, our ultimate state of transcendental consciousness. Proper understanding and awareness of chakras and their effect on our physical, mental, and spiritual levels are much needed to make our inner journey fast, smooth and clear. Yoga Essence Rishikesh imparts many chakra meditation practices and theoretical explanation ranging from different traditions, paths to intensify the awareness of chakras and also to acquire deeper understanding on them. Those chakra meditation practices based on sounds, guided instructions, Bija Mantras, chakra affirmations and suggestions, visualization etc. This subject of chakras are taken in details through our meditation teacher training course and yoga teacher training course.