Intermediate inverted backbend, start lying on the back, bend the knees and bring the heels close to the glutes, feet hip distance apart, activate glutes and core muscles, bring the hands under the shoulders, fingers pointing towards the shoulders, palms flat on the mat. Keep the lower back relaxed and activate the legs than press the hips up lift the chest and place the crown of the head onto the mat than straighten the arms and press the even higher and forward, towards the arms, drop the head back. Slowly straighten the legs and fully open the chest and heart.

kneel beside the student and place the arms under the back, to support the lower back and lift the chest higher.

Use the wall support, place 2 blocks against the wall, slightly up towards the wall and on the floor on the other edge. Same starting point, place the hands onto the blocks, when there is not enough flexibility in the wrists, press up and bring the chest closer to the wall.

Stand behind the student, so that he can grap the ankles, place the hands under the upper back and pull towards your knees.

Use a yoga chair, ly with the back on the chair, hands and feet on the ground, use pillows or bolsters and place those under the back and buttocks, use as many as needed.

ly in between the students feet, hold the calves, behind the knees and press with the feet against the shoulder blades to open the chest even more => advanced adjustment.

Stand in front of the wall, backbend and place the hands against the wall, than walk slowly backwards and down, hands on the floor, same way to get out, but reversed. Counter standing forward fold or child pose.