To deliver the best experience to our students, we have gathered a team of highly qualified teachers who have a big passion to share their unique knowledge. Through our teachers’ deep knowledge, strong background and experience in yoga, we aim that our students can get the most out of their yoga teacher training course. Our team of Gurus can’t wait to meet you and support you with all their heart on your yogic journey.




Indian born Yogi Vishnu is the founder of Living Yoga School. He has devoted his life to spread yoga to all over the world. His yogic journey started when he was 12 years old with his decision of leaving his family and shifting to an ashram to pursue the yogic path. Back to those times, at Jharsuguda Muni Samaj Yoga Ashram he meet his first Yoga Master, Narayan Muni Ji. With the support of his Master, he took his first steps into the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. In 1988, he meet his second Yoga Master, Swami Niranjan Ji and through him he learnt the wisdom of the Vedas. That time, he learnt about Jnana Yoga (knowledge) and this learning put some lights on for his path of self realization. Later, he joined Sri Satya Sai Baba’s ashram to learn the spiritual beauty and value of the Karma Yoga (charity work). With his experience here, his life has changed completely. During his stay in the ashram, he learnt that he needs to undergo a hearty surgery. This health problem made him to realize the importance of charity work, giving without expecting anything. In 2001, Vishnu Ji left his home for the last time with the decision of becoming a monk. This decision took him to the holy city Rishikesh. In Rishikesh, he studied and practiced yoga under his Guru Swami Veda’s motherly heart and became a master in Himalayan Yoga Tradition. In 2010, he founded his first yoga school which is World Peace Yoga School. Today, Vishnu Ji as devoting all his life for the sake of humanity and aiming to touch people’s lives through yoga, has a couple of different yoga schools both in Rishikesh, in India and abroad.



Yogi Navkant Ji holds a Master’s Degree in Yogic Science and Holistic Health. He has a deep understanding and experience of different subjects of yoga; hatha yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga psychology, yoga therapy and health. He teaches Adjustment & Alignment class where he helps students to understand the basic and solid foundations of poses or asanas.
Yogini Parveen



Parveen Sharma has done 5 years integrated course in Yoga (BA & MA) from Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar. She is authorized by Dev Sanskriti University to teach and heal society. She is known for her authenticity and non-judgmental teaching styles with compassion centred Yoga. She has 9 years o f experience in teaching and conducting workshops, seminars and retreat. Where in the main objective is to provide results with different Yoga practices integration to alternative therapies like Marma therapy, Pranic Healing, Reiky, Naturopathy, Hormonal Therapy, Prenatal-Postnatal. Her total experience includes working with organizations and renowned Academies and have also gained vast experience of dealing and counseling people by working with Academy. Availing herself to continuous yoga education from various spiritual disciplines. self, citing the interconnection with self, with each other, with the world, and with the universe at large.



Jehir Abbas- also called as Siddha- holds Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Master’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration and post graduate in Retail Management. He has a solid background of corporate life where he worked at multinational companies both in India and Dubai. Yogi Siddha Ji as being a person who always follows his passion, to follow his passion he left the corporate life and came to Rishikesh and successfully completed 500 Hr YTTC. Having come from a cultural background of deep spirituality, he was always drawn to the different practices of yoga from a young age. Following his completion of the course, teaching yoga classes quickly took over and he has begun to share his passion for it. His yoga classes blend his love of creative ways of sharing this traditional knowledge, a wealth of knowledge from his diverse experience with a modern aspects which connect students deeply. As a teacher and life long student, he continuous to study in different breathing practices, safe alignment and yoga as a modality to heal. He has a major focus on mindfulness, body and breathing awareness, Yoga Nidra and various techniques of meditation as well as dipping into the more subtle aspects of yoga. Both his versatile background and his studies on yoga opened up his intuition towards the unity in the universe. Yogi Siddha Ji draws his inspiration from various areas of life and spread this creatively and inspire generously. Forever student of this great practice and eternally thankfull for what never giving up on your dreams can do, he looks forward to crossing the paths with those on the same journey.
Rohit ji



Dr. Rohit Chobe is very young and dynamic teacher. His has expertise in Philosophy and Meditation. He holds Doctorate Degree in Yogic Science. Through his scientific way of teaching yoga, he inspires students to raise self-enquiry for inner awakening. He teaches about authentic yoga culture for holistic development, helping people to live a meaningful and balanced life. He has a passion to teach, to give deeper understanding of yoga for the complete development of an individual.



Yogi Nicky Ji’s was born and raised in Rishikesh. As taking the advantage of being from Rishikesh, he learnt yoga from many different masters. He studied at Uttarakhand University and holds 500 hr YTT certificate. With over 7 years of experience in teaching yoga and teacher training, he has a good practical knowledge of teaching. Nicky Ji teaches with all his love, passion and respect and he loves to push his students to improve their personal practice.



Yogi Manish Ji is a motivated yoga teacher with specialization in Ashtanga and Hatha principles. He loves to inspire his students to improve their both physical and mental wellbeing. As considering himself life long student, he continues his studies with Master’s Degree in yoga. Manish Ji has a strong ability with his teaching skills, being encouraging, flexible, adaptable and intuitive. He customizes programs to individual needs within each group and for all skill levels, from beginning to advanced, teaching students correct postures to ensure maximum benefits and safety.