What is kundalini yoga? How this form of yoga uses the seven chakras to

Kundalini energy is believed to be present at the base of your spine. It is like a coiled serpent. The main aim of Kundalini yoga is to activate energy and assist it in passing through all seven chakras in your body for achieving spiritual awakening or illumination.

Kundalini yoga is not the same as Hatha or Vinyasa yoga. It gives more importance to breathing work and chanting than the physical movements of yoga. Rather, Kundalini yoga is a spiritual discipline that mixes various components as per several kundalini yoga instructors. Some of the components are

  • Asanas or postures.
  • Pranayama or breathing methods such as deep breathing and nostril breathing.
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Kriya or specified sequence of the pose, chants, as well as breathing methods.

Kundalini yoga is for all kinds of levels, ages, and capabilities starting from new to advanced yoga practitioners.

The main purpose of doing Kundalini yoga is to re-align chakras to release stagnant energy to become more conscious, intuitive, and aware. The seven chakras in the human body are

  • The root chakra is present in the base of the spine. It represents a grounded feeling.
  • The sacral chakra is present below the belly button. It represents our capacity for accepting others and novel experiences along with sexual and creative energy.
  • The solar plexus chakra is located just below the belly button. It represents our abilities to become confident and control our lives.
  • Heat chakra is present at the center of the chest, and it embodies our capability to love.
  • The throat chakra is located at the throat, and it signifies our capability for communicating.
  • The third eye chakra between eyes shows our ability to focus and see the big picture.
  • Crown chakra is present at the top of your head, and it represents the ability to connect spiritually.

What can you expect from a Kundalini yoga class?

Kundalini yoga usually lasts between 30 min to 90 minutes. Here are a few things which Kundalini yoga include:

  • Tuning in: The class will start by chanting something religious such as “Namo Gurudev Namo,” which means I bow to the divine teacher within.
  • Yoga sets: You will perform a set of yogic movements for stretching your spine and enhancing flexibility.
  • Breathing exercises: You need to practice deep breathing techniques to enhance attention and release emotional exhaustion.
  • Mantra: You will chant some mantras along with positive affirmations for helping your body to relax.
  • Relaxing and meditating: You will train your mind to focus and become mindful, which enhances the awareness of yourself and your surroundings.
  • Closing: The class will end with a song.

For Kundalini yoga, you will not need anything. However, you are expected to come as you are, do whatever you can, and get your own experiences.

Know about the benefits of Kundalini yoga

Enhances cognitive function: Studies have shown that when you go for 12-week Kundalini yoga, it helps enhance cognition, mood, and memory among the participants having any cognitive impairment issues or aged 55 years and more.

  • Get relieved from stress: Kundalini yoga assist in decreasing stress among adults below the age of 45.
  • Enhances flexibility: Few weeks of Kundalini yoga enhances body flexibility.
  • Assist in decreasing anxiety and depression: People with an anxiety disorder can significantly benefit from kundalini yoga practices faster than that standard practicing therapy.

Which Kundalini yoga pose can beginners do?

  • There is a lot of beginner Kundalini yoga pose that one can try.

    You need to hold on to this position for about 30 seconds or the duration of five deep breathings for those poses.

    Cobra pose

    It is best for enhancing the flexibility of your lower back and getting relief from back pain.

    • Now lie down flat on your stomach and keep your palm below your shoulders.
    • Now push your head as well as torso up by pushing down on the floor.
    • While bending your torso in the back direction, look straight and keep your pelvis on the ground.
    • Hold on to this position for 30 seconds or five deep breathing.

    Ego destroying pose

    It helps you be more alert and enhances your awareness of how your body is feeling.

    • At first, sit cross-legged on your floor.
    • Curl your fingers in such a way that tips will touch the palmtop pads. Now extend your thumb and point them in the direction of the sky.
    • Now extend your arms and lift them to a ten o clock position. Try holding this position for about 30 seconds and keep on taking deep breathing.


    The main aim of Kundalini yoga is activating any individual’s untapped energy by perfectly balancing seven chakras or the energy center of your body. It is not the same as another different form of yoga as it includes varied components like pose, breathing methods, meditation, and many other things. Kundalini yoga is effective even with little time investment. When your stress gets released, you will become healthy, happy, and conscious about your everyday life choices.


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