The Various Types Of Meditation That You Can Practice Today

By now, you must have a fair idea of what meditation is all about. This is the recent topic of discussion in various circles. You have to focus your mind on a specific object, and develop an awareness around it. The sole purpose of this activity, is to let go off the past, and also not worry about the future. You can achieve a lot of clarity of the mind, through meditation. However, as they say, ‘one size does not fit all’. You will find out soon, that there are different types of meditations that suit different individuals. There is no ‘best’ type as such.

You may have to spend some time, finding out which suits you, through trial and error. Here are a few meditation techniques that you can try out and find the best fit for yourself.

Types of Meditation

  • GuidedMeditation – It is the first type, that you will come across. And, as the name suggests, a teacher will be guiding you through the process. This is just perfect for all the beginners, who have literally no experience in this practice. You should try to connect with a good teacher, at one of the best yoga school in Rishikesh. It goes without saying, that Rishikesh is the ‘World Capital of Yoga’. So, you can expect to find the best guidance there. Once you are comfortable, you can start with it yourself. Furthermore, you can also dabble with other forms.
  • Transcendental Meditation – It is another form of meditation, which you can practice today. It mainly involves sitting in a certain pose for 20 minutes or so. You can do this at least twice on any day. You can also use certain mantras, while meditating, to amplify the effects. The ultimate goal of this meditation is to rise above the current stature. So, you will be forgetting harmful thinking, and body processes, while practice this. As with the other forms, it becomes absolutely important to find a guide, who will take you through the process. You can use mantras to help with guidance as well.
  • Chakra Meditation – This is another very popular type of meditation, which you can practice today. It involves meditating on the seven chakras, that lie along the Sushumna nadi. There are seven important chakras in the astral body, about which, you will never find a mention in the science books. However, if due to any issue, there is a blockage in any of these chakras, it can lead to physical as well as mental ailments. It is especially useful for all those, who are into Kundalini Yoga practice. In this yoga form, the ultimate motive is to awaken the Shakti, so that it can rise upwards and unite with the Purusha through the Crown chakra. A teacher can teach you what all this is about, in complete details. Each chakra is also governed by its own colour. So, it is absolutely important that you concentrate on the colours, to get faster action.
  • Candle Gazing or Trataka Meditation – This is another type of meditation, which you can do today. It is also classified as a Shatkarma kriya. You mainly have to focus on a candle flame or a fixed object. The flame is better, as the fire element also comes into play. When you practice this on a regular basis, the third eye is also said to get activated. You have to sit in a meditative posture, and place a candle on a table at least one hand’s distance from you. The flame should be at the same level, as your eyes. You have to try and not blink, while doing this exercise. Furthermore, you can also close your eyes, and imagine the flame in your mind. You will get a boost of energy, when you do this.
  • Mantra Meditation – This is another form of meditation, which you can practice for immense benefits. It can help you to develop focus and also connect with the Universe. In this kind of meditation, you have to focus on a specific word, a syllable, or a phrase. This is a great approach today, as you can distract your brain a bit. You will not worry over mundane things, if you get into this practice. It also increases the vibrations of the mantra, when you are constantly saying it aloud or silently. You can also enter a more positive state of mind through this practice. Some of the most recited mantras are ‘aum’ and the ‘Gayatri mantra’. There is nothing religious about it, and you are free to choose your mantras.
  • Yoga Meditation – Now to make matters easy for you, yoga in itself is the best form of meditation. You need to simply sit in a meditative pose like Padmasana, Swastikasana, or Sukhasana. After you have settled down, you can take on the Gyan mudra, and keep the hands on the knees. After you are done, you can focus on your breathing. This is a complete meditation in itself. This sort of meditation can also stretch the joints and muscles, to the fullest.
  • Visualization – This is another very important one, which you need some help with. A teacher from one of the best yoga schools in Rishikesh, can help you with this kind of meditation. You are supposed to visualize an object or a scenery in this type of meditation. If you can do that well, you will have achieved half the benefits. When you visualize on a positive image, you get positive vibes. So, your life takes a turn for the better.

These are a few of the best meditation techniques for you. If you want to develop emotional, mental, and spiritual prowess, then these are a must. A guide can help you understand, which one will be beneficial for you. Sometimes, you may have to try them out to understand the utilities. The best part about these practices, is that you can do them from anywhere. So, they are well-suited for modern life.


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