How Yoga Can Help Improve Your Digestion

Most of the population today, suffers from digestive issues. It can lead to other ailments, if you do not take care of the same. A healthy digestive system, is not just important for your overall health, but for your skin as well. Improper digestion can lead to boils and pimples, for all those, who have oily and sensitive skin, or otherwise. In the realm of yoga, most yogis will stress on proper eating, as it has huge repercussions, that are beyond what you can ever imagine. You should opt for a Sattvic eating habit, to get the most from your diet. The best schools and studios teaching yoga, often tell students about digestive yoga pose for beginner.

Yoga can be a great aid in the digestive process, along with other treatments. Additionally, if you are in the preliminary stages of indigestion, without any serious issues, then you can make yoga your ally. Before, we move on to the yoga practices and poses, it is important that you learn what digestion is, and how the process works.

The Digestion Process Decoded

Digestion is mainly a process in which the body breaks down the food and converts the same into small water-soluble molecules, which can be absorbed by the blood through the organs. You ingest various kinds of foods, that contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. The body utilizes the nutrients for energy, structural growth and repair. The process starts from the mouth. The saliva and the teeth have a huge role to play, in breaking down the food particles. The food moves into the intestines through the food pipe, and the pancreas, liver, and stomach act on it, with various acids. After the food has been converted into a bolus, it passes through the large intestines and into the anal region for excretion. When this process takes place, without any hindrance, it can lead to proper digestion and the incumbent, does not necessarily lead to any ailments or problems.

If your body shows the following symptoms, then you may be having some issues with your digestion.

  • Pain in the stomach
  • Flatulence
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Low energy
  • Bloating
  • Weight management issues

This is when, you need to take the right actions. Apart from just popping pills, you can take the assistance of yoga. You can benefit from any digestive yoga pose for beginner and live a healthy life.

Digestive Yoga Pose For Beginner

Here you will get to know about a few yoga poses, which a beginner can also do.

  • Sirsasana – It is also quite popular as the Headstand. If you do it on a regular basis, all your issues related to indigestion and gut health issues, will vanish. It is an inversion pose, in which the body is in inverted position, resting on the heads, supported by the hands. It releases the effect and pressure of gravity from the colon. You will feel lighter as well. The blood tends to circulate in the opposite direction, when you do this pose. So, automatically, you will feel healthier, as all the organs are infused with fresh blood. Your hormonal issues are also rectified.
  • Halasana – This is another pose, which you can do today. It is also called the Plough pose. You will be supporting the entire body on your shoulders and the back of the crown, in this pose. In this pose, the legs and in the reverse direction, over the head. So, a lot of pressure is created in the abdominal region. You can get relief from stomach issues for that very reason. The organs in the same region are infused with fresh blood, when you release the body from the pose.

Halasana Pose

  • Paschimottasana – This is another popular asana, which anyone can do. You can do the pose as per your convenience. All those, who are doing the pose for a long time, can actually bring the forehead in contact with the knees. For the beginners, you can just seat with the legs stretched in front, and hold the toes. It stimulates the digestive tract, with the squeeze and release action. You will be able to give a good massage to the abdomen, while also eliminating the toxins. It also combats problems, such as constipation.


  • Bhujangasana – This is a great digestive yoga pose for beginner. You simply need to lie down in prone position, and lift the torso up, with the legs stretched behind. Raise the head and gaze towards the front or towards the ceiling. You need to support the body with the help of the arms, which shall be folded at the elbows. The fingers should be pointing in forward direction. This is the Classical Cobra pose, as you may have heard.


  • Dhanurasana – Also called the Bow pose, you can stimulate the organs in the abdominal area and also reduce stomach flab. You should practice this asana regularly, so that you can get rid of all the excess weight as well. The entire body is balanced on the belly, in this asana, and that is what makes it more effective. You can also get the Solar Plexus charged up, by doing this pose.
  • Savasana – Lastly, you can practice the Savasana. It is also called the Corpse pose. This is a pose, which you must practice at the end of all yoga sessions. It soothes the nervous system, which ultimately affects the digestive process. It also promotes a healthier gut.

These are a few of the yoga poses or asanas, which you can practice for digestive disorders, or for maintenance. Yoga is one of the healing sciences, that has the power to reduce the pain and suffering of the human body. You should always perform the asanas under supervision, when you are new. The best schools in Rishikesh, can help you to achieve your objective of learning perfect yoga. So, always weigh your pros and cons, while deciding upon a school, for a professional yoga course. Self-practice is something that may be on your mind, so you can just go for it and live a healthy life.


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