Importance And Need Of Yoga In Our Morden Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle lacks the harmony in mind-body bonding that has caused stress-based diseases like hypertension, cancer and coronary heart disease. To treat and prevent these diseases, a search for a good lifestyle and better plans that triggered rediscovering ancient disciplines like yoga, mixing lifestyle with some dependable prescriptions for everlasting mental peace, has been confirmed by clinical studies.

Yoga is a science of modern living and must in integrated into our day to day lives. Yoga has some technical systems that help calm your mind, maintain resilience, harness physical and mental energies, and develop a united personality. It is one of the ways to balance your emotions and establish harmony between your body and mind. A person can either choose one or a mix of two or more from several paths of yoga based on their lifestyle. One can also practice pranayama, relaxation meditation, pratyahara methods, and personal and social discipline wherever possible. It depends on the individual to determine which path best suits their requirements, personality and lifestyle. You can practice yoga while leading a normal lifestyle but with varied aspirations, attitudes and mentality.

Importance of yoga in modern lifestyle

  • Builds up strength: It plays one of the best roles in strengthening your body. Doctors often recommend doing yoga regularly. Yoga involves a lot of stretching exercises. People start losing their muscle mass around 50 and 40. So, when you do not exercise, your muscles will start becoming weaker. But yoga helps in preventing this situation. In a busy life, we have to go through low energy levels and anxiety that disturb your body’s normal functioning. It also concerns your work-life balance. In such a case, yoga helps in bringing mindfulness and peace to life. Yoga also calms down your fluctuating energy levels and builds up strong muscles.
  • Enhances flexibility and posture: Yoga helps make a flexible body and life more manageable. It improves the posture of your knee joints, thigh bones and hip joints.
  • A consistent breathing practice of yoga assists you in relaxing and in shifting the balance from your sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. And doing this will undoubtedly lower the heart rate and breathing rate, thereby decreasing the blood pressure.

Know how various yoga puts a positive impact on your modern lifestyle

  • Asanas: These are designed to relieve our body and mind from all kinds of stress and tensions. They help relax, rejuvenate, energize your body and bring your body and mind into a harmonious unity. Asanas must be performed with comfort, alertness, ease, and steadiness to balance effort and ease properly.
  • Pranayama: It is a practice that involves breathing control. The breath is adequately regulated and is controlled by practicing breathing exercises. How long you should inhale, retain and exhale your breath is managed to strengthen and clean the nervous system and increase a person’s source of life energy. Practicing pranayama also helps in making your mind calm and be more focused.
  • Withdrawal practice: It is the withdrawal of your senses that occurs at the time of doing pranayama, where you are so much focused on yoga that you are entirely unaware of every situation in the outside world. Your focus turns inward, and you are not distracted by any outdoor events.
  • Breathing is something more than yoga. All these breathing methods are not limited to the practicing of yoga. You can apply them in your daily life, and your brain and body will be less stressed. Breathing methods are best for calming your anxiety, reducing stress and fighting insomnia. It re-centres you when you feel like you are out of sorts.
  • Dharana: It involves training your mind to focus without any distraction. To achieve this, you can focus your mind on one object at one time. This also serves as a preparation for doing meditation.
  • Dhyana: Meditation is one kind of practice which involves constant observation of your mind. IT implies focusing your mind on one particular point, calming your mind for perceiving the self. The undisturbed flow of concentration aims to heighten your awareness and oneness with the whole universe. It is also one of the vital tools for achieving mental clarity and health.
  • Samadhi: This is the ultimate achievement of the eight limbs of yoga. It is often characterized by a state of ecstasy and a feeling that you and the whole universe are one. It is a state of completion, awareness and compassion along with detachment.

Practicing yoga helps deal with the development of the body and includes all aspects of any person’s life. Practicing these eight principles helps in leading to deep self-knowledge, respect for other people and creatures, a clean environment, getting united with the divine power and a healthy diet.

Yoga is a way of living, and it aims at a healthy mind in a healthy body. It brings in together all physical and mental discipline for achieving a peaceful mind and body, assists in managing stress and anxiety and helps in keeping you relaxed.

Practicing yoga might seem like only stretching, but it does a lot more than how your body feels looks, and moves.



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