Reasons To Start Your Pranayama Practice

Pranayama is a word that has enthralled mankind for a long time now. It is nothing out of the world though. It mainly translates into breath control. ‘Prana’ is life force, and ‘Ayama’ is expansion. So, if you break down the definition, it translates into breath expansion. You can practice this to enhance the likelihood of life entering each cell of the body, with speed.  

To put things straight, Pranayama is a breathing exercise which clears all kinds of blockages from the body – physical and mental. You can super charge your body, if you practice pranayama regularly. You have to understand one thing, and that is breath is the first thing you experience on birth. It is a constant in our lives. There are unconscious breathing patterns, that can restrict the flow of prana through the body. On a physical level, it enhances many physical and physiological processes. Moreover, it can also stimulate the parasympathetic system. The Yoga teacher training in rishikesh will help you to gain a n understanding of the different Pranayamas.

What About Weight Training or Strength Training?

The truth with yoga is that it can double up as a weight training or strength training exercise. And why not? Are you not lifting your body on your legs and arms? Some of the poses like Kukkutasana or Mayurasana require just that. If we have gone too far, with floating poses, wait. We have something easier as well. It is the Chakra asana. Don’t you lift the maximum weight of your body on your hands or palms? Now, you know the truth. When you contort your body into various shapes, you are actually toning the muscles and also increasing muscle size. Join the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh understand it in detail and inculcate it into your life. You will still need to practice a lot more to be able to achieve the physical fitness to contort your body or lift yourself on your palms. Moreover, you also need a lot of determination, to be able to do so.

Benefits of Pranayama Decoded

Pranayama has more benefits than you know of. Each and every pranayama has specific benefits. If you wish to get the advantage of all these benefits, you need to research on each specifically. You may experience reduced stress levels, less anxiety, less fatigue, and also lower blood pressure, if you practice Pranayama on a daily basis. Additionally, it also boosts the overall immunity of the body. So, there are so many benefits that you cannot really avoid it for a long time.

If you are restless and suffering from mental issues, then Pranayama is the best holistic exercise for you.

Here Are A Few Reasons To Start Your Pranayam Practice Today

If you are heading to Rishikesh, for a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you will be able to learn it in a proper manner.

  • If you are feeling stressed out all the time, and are unable to manage your emotions, you should practice pranayama right away. The autonomous system is made up of two parts, namely the parasympathetic system and the sympathetic system. The latter is the one that initiates a fight or flight response in the body, to deal with external antigens. While former, the parasympathetic system helps you to relax. It is the factor called stress, which can lead to various illnesses. The regular practice of breathing exercises can tone down the activities of the sympathetic system. Consistently practicing Pranayama, can tone the mind.
  • If you are interested in getting the tissues of your body cleaned, then pranayama practice is a must. You may already know that the human body is made up of fluids. The fluids circulate within the organs. If you are not able to help in the free flow of the fluid, it may lead to stagnation. When prana circulates well in the tissues and cells, it can lead to an enhancement in the lymphatic fluid circulation as well. It helps in the drainage of toxins from the body.
  • Pranayama can also help to cleanse the upper respiratory tract of all the toxins and residual mucous. Your lungs also tend to get a fresh infusion of lifegiving materials.
  • If you practice pranayama on a daily basis, then you can also sport a glowing complexion. It is that youthful glow that everyone longs for, and only pranayama can give you that.
  • If you have been struggling with weight issues, for a long time, then you can do pranayama to get rid of all the excess weight. In a fast-paced lifestyle, we often forget to take care of what we eat. So, under such circumstances, we dump the body with waste material. The right pranayama techniques can actually help you to lose abdominal fat, lower blood pressure, and also enhance the proper functioning of the thyroid glands.

You may be knowing, that a healthy mind can make the best decisions. The same applies to Pranayama, which can aid in the development of a healthy mind. You can also increase your concentration and focus. Regular practice of Pranayama will change the way you think about life. So, you will be able to make positive changes in your life. Those who practice it, live a healthy life. You can do it and get the benefits too.

As you start the practice, you will feel subtle changes taking place within the body. So, you can gain the best advantage of the holistic practice today. Moreover, you can practice various types of pranayama, like one-to-one breathing, alternate nostril breathing, forced exhalation, and so on. You can also take note of the Breath of Fire, which is an important practice in the realm of pranayama. Get control of your life, and become powerful today with its practice.



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