Quick Guide To Yoga Kriyas For Cleansing And Purification

Yoga is a holistic science for no reason. It does have the best techniques to cleanse your mind as well as the body. A human being, who is clean from within can only master the mind and soul and connect all of them. You have to understand, that if your body is unclean, the energies cannot work towards higher consciousness. That is where the Satkarma Kriyas come in. You will learn about the Satkarma kriyas or cleansing/ purification techniques while doing the Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Hatha Yoga consists of the best cleansing and purification techniques, that can give you a new leash of life. The techniques are easily grouped into six categories. Hence the name ‘Shat’.  Here ‘Karma’ means the act or kriya. You will find all the procedures mentioned in Gheranda Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The six Satkarma Kriyas include Basti, Neti, Trataka, Kapalbhati, Dhouti, and Nauli. Each one of these stress the cleansing and purification of a certain body part. Let us throw some light on all these kriyas.

Yoga Kriyas for Cleansing and Purification

Before you set out to perform these kriyas, it is essential that you switch to a holistic diet, that comprises Sattvic food and lots of water. You should also exercise regularly, as a fit body can only help you to navigate towards a healthy mind.

Neti – It is the first one that you will learn about today. It involves cleaning the upper respiratory tract. You also purify the nostrils and nasal passage, while doing this yogic practice. Neti is of two types mainly – Jal Neti and Sutra Neti. In Jal Neti, you need a Neti pot, warm and salted water, and a cloth. You need to pour the water through one nostril and release it through the other. It helps to purify the entire channel. If you are suffering from a cold and cough, you tend to get instant relief. In Sutra Neti, you need to insert a thread through one nostril at a time and bring it out through the mouth. In this process, all the residual mucous in the passage is pulled out. The muscular tension also gets released and so does stress. You will also find a youthful glow emanating from your face. The process also helps to remove all types of mental congestion. You will learn about this in detail in the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Trataka – It is an eye exercise, that can solve many of your eye problems. It also promotes good eyesight. You have to freeze your vision either on one point or object, or a flame. You have to stare at the same, continuously, until tears start coming out of your eyes. The tears can help in clearing your eyes and also leads to the removal of toxins.

Nauli – It is another essential kriya, that involves the massage of the abdominal organs. You have to practice a series of contractions and expansions, to be able to bring the desired effect. It also tones the abdomen. If you have digestive issues, this kriya will solve it completely.

Basti – You can understand it in a better manner if it is referred to as Enema. The pelvic zone and the bladder get all the benefits from the Kriya. The muscles of the lower abdomen get cleansed. You can practice this only under the guidance of a yoga expert. In this kriya, you need to such in water inside the stomach, or intestines through the anus. Later you can release it.

Dhouti – It is another Satkarma kriya that cleanses the upper digestive tract, and the respiratory tract and also affects the frontal brain function. Dhouti is of various types – like Viagra Dhouti, Nal Dhouti, and Vaman Dhouti. In this practice, you need to swallow warm and salted water, early in the morning and vomit it, through various means. You can also discard all the undigested food and mucous from your upper respiratory tract, through this Kriya.

Kapalbhati – This is another important Satkarma and also a Pranayama. You can also hear the name ‘Skull shining’ associated with this kriya. It enhances the capacity of your lungs and also aids in digestion. The process consists of breathing patterns, in which the exhalation happens to be more forceful than the inhalation. You can learn about this is the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Kapalbhati also increases your metabolic rate. Moreover, it also clears the nadis. So, you may also get to experience divine sights and sounds.

These are the Satkarma kriyas or body-mind cleansing techniques that can give your existence a new meaning and life. Regular practice can help you get one step closer to your journey toward salvation or nirvana. So, learn these under the aegis of a learned yoga expert and practice for a lifetime.



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