Why Running And Yoga Are A Perfect Match

By now, you know the myriad benefits of yoga. It helps you in so many ways. No matter what age you are, you can practice yoga. It helps you to build endurance and strength. You can also grow your confidence if you happen to be a novice at fitness. The Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh will help you to enjoy the myriad benefits. Moreover, it is a community program, so you can practice it along with others. You need not do it in isolation. Now, here is another aerobic exercise, which you can combine with yoga. It is none other than running.

Yoga and Running

It is a fact that yoga and running are perfect partners for one another. These two fulfill two different needs. You can be active and also stretch the body, with this combo. Running is a competitive sport, that involves a lot of wear and tear. And, yoga is just the opposite. It is restorative and healing in nature. You will be amazed to know that many runners use yoga as a recovery strategy. About half the runners, experience injuries at one point or the other. If you are into running, as a competitive sport, you can practice yoga, to prevent injuries and heal torn muscles. When you enroll in the Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you will understand the multiple facets of yoga, and how it can aid in running.

Muscles Used in Running

You will learn about the intricacies of yoga at a school in Rishikesh. If you want to understand how running and yoga are a perfect match, you need to understand what muscle groups are behind the activity. When you run, although it may seem that your entire body is involved, it is not so. Some of the muscles work more than the others, do. Your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calf muscles, TFL, and flexors are the muscles in question.

These muscles are involved in a narrow range of motion but still get an intense workout. It is also true that the upper body, torso, chest muscles, shoulders, and arms also work, but they do not involve much intensity. The psoas muscle is also involved. It runs through the lumbar spine, to the pelvis and connects with the inner thigh bone. So, in reality, the lower body and core work together intensely while running.

How Yoga Can Help You In Running?

You can now regain the lost strength in the above muscles, through yoga. It can also help to open up the hip muscles and the hamstrings. You will also be able to maintain a good balance. Moreover, it also aids in the prevention of joint pain and back pain. The muscles that are involved in running, often feel tight and shorten in length. So, you need to lengthen them, with the help of Yoga. Any foundational program in yoga will cover all the aspects of anatomy so that you can identify such facets in a better manner. The warrior posture and twists aid in the release of the in-built tension. If you feel a sensation of tightness in your back, or in the lower part of the body, use blocks for support.

You can also inculcate a yoga regimen, that consists of forwarding bends and hip-releasing postures, like the Pigeon posture. For the upper body, you can try the downward dog posture. Thus, running and yoga go hand in hand.

So, by now you must have understood that running and yoga are complementary to one another. Here are a few benefits that Yogis can also gain from running.

Running Benefits for Yogis

You can improve your cardiovascular fitness if you are a yogi. If you improve upon your cardio fitness, you can also engage in dynamic postures. Running also allows your yoga practice to set a goal. It gives you feedback, and that too in measurable units. Track your progress in running through regular measurements of your heart rate and pace. Reaching your goals can act as a psychological motivator.

When you practice both running and yoga, your mental strength increases. Yoga is a philosophical practice and lifestyle enhancer. Moreover, it balances the body, mind, and soul. The best part about both these is that you can start these from home. You do not need any props to practice yoga and running. Start when you feel that you are ready for both of these complementary programs.

You should make it a point to do the course from a renowned school, as it can teach you multiple aspects of the holistic modality. Moreover, it can act as a stepping stone into the career of a yoga teacher. If you are an athlete, you should include yoga as a therapeutic practice that can naturally heal the body’s muscles.

Practicing yoga helps deal with the development of the body and includes all aspects of any person’s life. Practicing these eight principles helps in leading to deep self-knowledge, respect for other people and creatures, a clean environment, getting united with the divine power, and a healthy diet.

Yoga is a way of living, and it aims at a healthy mind in a healthy body. It brings in together all physical and mental discipline for achieving a peaceful mind and body, assists in managing stress and anxiety, and helps in keeping you relaxed.

Practicing yoga might seem like only stretching, but it does a lot more than how your body feels looks and moves.



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