Yoga mudras and their Benefits

Yoga is one of the ancient practices that has transformed lives for many centuries. It is a science of some challenging physical poses known as asana and breathing techniques such as Pranayama to keep physical and mental body fit and healthy. But there is something more to it,
Yoga Mudras are also a part of yoga healing power. Yoga mudras are unique hand gestures practiced for facilitating energy flow in the body and mind for good health. Mudra is a Sanskrit word that means " a hand gesture." Many Hindus and Buddhist rituals, along with varied dance forms, use mudras to convey deep meaning. You might have heard about yoga poses, yoga asana and breathwork, and Pranayama, but do you know yoga mudras or hand gestures are also a significant part of Vedic healing practice.

Let us know how yoga mudras work?

Yoga mudra is the science of changing or forwarding the flow of energy in the whole body but using various signs through acupuncture meridians, thereby carrying the energetic body to a position with the best alignment or balance. Because our hands have all acupuncture
meridians, they are our body's control panel. The five fingers of our hand present the five elements or Pancha mahabhutas of our body: fire, earth, water, sky, and air.

As per Ayurveda, these energies must be in harmony for your body to remain at its equilibrium and peak health.

When our fingers and hands are moved in a specified manner, we are changing the energy flow of prana through the acupuncture points, thus influencing and stimulating specified areas of our brain and assisting in bringing a good balance in our whole body. This stimulation, in turn,results in total well-being.

Mudras have been used for many years, even though many people are unfamiliar with the
word mudras. But they make a relevant hand gesture every day. For example, you might be well acquainted with the salutation gesture where we join our both hands known as“Namaste." In yoga science, it is called Anjali mudra.

How to perform yoga mudras?

You can do mudras by combining meditation and breathing methods for guiding the energy
flow throughout the body. It needs time to be sensitive to feeling the impact of mudras. To
start practicing, first of all, sit in any comfortable meditating position either in Vajrasana,
Sukhasana, or Padmasana. For example, you can sit on a chair by keeping your back straight if
you cannot sit on the floor.

It is essential to make your hands ready before performing your mudras to feel the sensations. It is always recommended to sit down in a very calm and quiet place, with no distractions. When you keep your eyes closed, it enhances your healing power and assists in witnessing all sensations that arise.

Here are a few steps you need to do before performing the mudras

  • At first, rub your hands for about 20 – 30 seconds to initiate the circulation. You can feel
  • the warmth from your hand because of the friction, thereby indicating stimulation of
    the nerve endings in your hands.
  • Now place your hand in your lap with your palms facing upward. In the serene of nature,
    try to calm down your thoughts to feel the tingling sensations in your hand and your
    body. Hold on to this position for about 15 seconds.
  • Now press your fingers in a specific pattern to do various mudras and then put enough
    pressure to feel the energy flow. Keep in mind never to go wrong and harm yourself.

Here are some essential mudras and how they affect your body

The energy we have in our control is our physical body. We suffer from disease when there is
an imbalance in these energies in various organs. Mudras help in balancing these energies.
Thus, doing mudras is one of the reliable tools for healing.

Gyana mudra

It is also called the mudra of knowledge. This is one of the exclusively used mudras and is very
easy to do.

What to do?

First, put your fingers in your lap with your palms facing up. Next, join the tip of your thumb
with your index finger, stretch the other three fingers on each of the hands, and then hold on to
that position.

The benefit of Gyana mudra

  • The benefit of Gyana mudra

  • Enhances concentration and learning

  • Assist in managing insomnia

  • It eases your tension and enhances the positive feeling

  • It improves the health of your brain and helps in focusing

Vayu mudra

It is called the mudra of the air element. As the name indicates, these mudras assist in
balancing the air element of your body.

What to do?

Fold your index finger and then touch the second phalanx bone using the tip of your thumb
finger. Apply a little pressure so that the end of your index finger touches the base of your
thumb. Now straighten the other three fingers and keep them activated.


  • It helps in eliminating excess air from your body and relieves bloating
  • It helps to ease constipation
  • Relieves chest pain
  • It helps in getting relief from cervical spondylitis
  • Offers immunity against cough and cold.

Surya mudra

A mudra generates heat in the body. This is one of the best mudras where the fire element is
linked with the body's heat or metabolic functioning. Therefore, practicing this mudra assists in
maintaining the body temperature and boosts your body metabolism.

What to do?

First, bend your ring finger and then place the tip of this finger in the base of your thumb finger.
Now touch the second phalanx bone with your thumb and apply a little pressure. Now stretch
the other three fingers.


  • Assist in decreasing lousy cholesterol
  • It dissolves all your extra fat and helps in losing weight
  • Increases body metabolism and strength
  • Enhances digestion

So, with these yoga mudras, master your health and try to make it better and fit.


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